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Add your vacation photos to MySummerVacation.com


  • Interested persons should submit between 6-10 photos and captions from one trip or location.

  • Photos should be of good technical quality & composition and include an interesting or attractive subject. Photos should not contain images of recognizable people. If the person is a member of your family, and you have their permission, we can use the image. You will need to email me the name of the person, their relationship to you and that I have their permission to use their likeness. If you do not know who the person is and they are recognizable in your image I cannot use the image.

  • Submitted photos should be emailed as an attachment in electronic .jpg format with a file size below 200k each. Maximum image size is 640 pixels wide and 480 high. Minimum size is 300 pixels wide and 225 high. At a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. Images formatted in a panoramic format will be considered.

  • Submitted text should be in English and include an introductory paragraph along with one caption per photo. Captions should consist of between one and six sentences. Good captions would create a "sense of place" as well as include some "nuts & bolts" hard information. "Nut & Bolts" text could answer these questions: Date, Location, Camera Type/Model, Hotel/Resort/Camp/RV, Transportation Method.

  • We have the option of accepting or rejecting material for any reason.

  • The original creator of the material will retain ownership, but by submitting the work to MySummerVacation.com the creator agrees to the following: You agree to allow it to be used on the site. The creator gives complete editorial control of all images and text to the sites editor. The primary intent of work will not be changed. The creator may request that their material be removed from the site at any time. Understands that it is impossible to keep your images from being copied from the site and used by others in unknown ways.

  • Material will display your byline and photo credit.

  • This site is a commercial project and all pages will include advertisements of various types.

  • All submissions must be by email only. Contact me via Webmaster Email

    Bruce Murray - Webmaster

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